Sad Cat

Screen Shot 2012 05 26 at 13.15.42 Sad Cat

Sad cat is sad
See the full comic strip at 9GAG.

Kony 2012

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KONY 2012 adalah sebuah film singkat yang menggugah hati. Ini merupakan sebuah company yang dipelopori oleh Invisible Children dengan tujuan mengakhiri kekejaman Joseph Kony dan pendindasan anak-anak di Afrika oleh kelompok pemberontak yang dipimpinnya.

The State of Education

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Infographic berikut merangkum keadaan pendidikan di Amerika Serikat dan perbandingannya dengan negara-negara lain di dunia. Gaji guru, dan anggaran negara untuk pendidikan tidaklah selalu sebanding dengan kualitas pendidikan yang diterima tiap murid. Simaklah perbandingannya berikut:

state of education The State of Education


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Seberapa banyak, seberapa sering, dan kapan saat yang tepat untuk memberikan perlindungan pada kulit kita untuk mencegah penuaan dini atau bahkan kanker pada kulit kita? Temukan jawabannya dalam infographics buatan McCandless dan timnya.

sunscreen smokescreen Sunscreen?

Food Variety

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Seberapa banyakkah varietas makanan yang dapat dipanen dan dihidangkan sebagai makanan di masa yang mendatang? Akankah jumlahnya terus berkurang seperti yang telah terjadi selama seabad terakhir?

food variety tree 754 Food Variety

My Suite Stuff

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Dapatkan stuffed apps favorit kamu dan tidurlah nyenyak!
creativesleep My Suite Stuff

The Fish House

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Ini dia rumah idaman! The fish house

24352346 The Fish House

and the awesome curvy swimming pool:

fishhouse The Fish House

Life lessons in 8 years of travelling

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Benny Lewis menghabiskan delapan tahun berkeliling dunia setelah menyelesaikan kuliahnya. Banyak hal dan pelajaran hidup yang dia alami selama perjalanannya mengelilingi dunia, pengalaman berharga yang mungkin tidak kita alami semasa hidup kita. Kunjungi blog dia dan baca 29 pelajaran hidup bermakna yang dipelajarinya selama delapan tahun perjalanan dia.

img 420x315 Life lessons in 8 years of travelling

War on terror(ism)

800px War on Terror montage1 War on terror(ism)

Images and video clips we see on mainstream media are not necessarily accurate representations of terrorism and global war on terror as the majority would know it as. Continue reading…

Earth Hour 2011

Last year almost all the national monuments and landmark icons, including the Merlion, the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade Theatres, the Fullerton Hotel, One Fullerton, Clifford Pier and the Asian Civilizations Museum took part in the Earth Hour 2010 by switching off decorative lights that primarily define their façade at night. Around the central business district, the Singapore River flew in darkness when buildings in downtown area power down their non-essential lighting for the requisite hour between 8.30 to 9.30pm. These include the HSBC Building, Maybank Tower, Raffles City Shopping Mall, One Raffles Quay, Suntec City and Swissotel the Stamford. Read more about Earth Hour 2010 at CNNGo.

It seems that more people and organizations are more aware of the cause and get involved in this year’s Earth Hour. Let’s see how the skyline is gonna be during Earth Hour 2011 later this month!

450 Earth Hour 2011

Some people misunderstood the whole idea behind this cause and thought the one hour of switching off the lights and electronic appliances is meant to save some electricity for the planet. Well, yeah they’re right the energy saved during that one hour doesn’t impact much on our planet even if millions of people are doing it during Earth Hour. But what they missed, and what prevails… is the hope and sense of unity which instill us and everyone else out there, declaring that millions of people around the world care about our one and only earth regardless of the continent we’re in, the language we speak, or the religion/belief we believe in.

Taking part in Earth Hour this year? Feel like going out on Saturday evening on 26Mar? Check this out:


Venue: The Promontory @ Marina Bay
MRT: Raffles Place exit J
Date: Saturday, 26 March 2011
Time: 5.30 – 10.00 pm
WWF’s Earth Hour event is sustainably fueled by Alpha Biodiesel recycled from IKEA Restaurants’ waste cooking oil.

5.30 – 8.30pm : Free Live Concert and Carnival
This year, WWF, in partnership with the Singapore Kite Association, will be inviting you to make your own kite and personalise it with your message or wish for the Planet. Remember also to bring your picnic basket and your beewax candles. Sit back, relax and enjoy the performances and some educational fun at the carnival.

8.30 – 9.30pm : Earth Hour Night Walk
As the lights go out, get on your feet and show your support to the protection of our Planet. So get ready to walk in the dark for the first ever Earth Hour Night Walk! Lace up and join your fellow Singaporeans and our celebrity supporters in showing your commitment to our planet.

8.30 – 10pm : Movie screening — The Age of Stupid
If you choose not to take part in the walk, stay at the Promontory to watch this award winning documentary.

Now spread the words and let people know you care.