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The State of Education

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The following infographics summarizes state of education in the United States by listing facts, comparison, and figures in an interesting graphical manner. It’s easy to understand and yet pretty much mind-blowing for those who haven’t been following balanced news or having knowledge on this issue. Well at least you can quickly understand the situation just by extracting information from the sketch below.

Click the image to see it on the original website.

state of education The State of Education


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How much sunscreen do I need to apply? How long will I be protected with SPF30 sunscreen? When should I reapply it? And there’s plenty questions about getting the right sunscreen and doing it right to protect ourselves against the nasty cancer.

The following infographics designed by McCandless and the team is an excellent way to describe all you need to know about sunscreen and skin health. Read on below:

sunscreen smokescreen Sunscreen?

Food Variety

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It’s so clear and striking: extinction is real and it’s not only the kinds of animals we can see that matters, the variety of food we can harvest and consume matters too. This infographics smartly illustrate the shrinking number of variety of food we eat in the past century.

food variety tree 754 Food Variety

My Suite Stuff

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Get your favorite stuffed apps and have a good night sleep!

creativesleep My Suite Stuff

The Fish House

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The fish house is arguably the best tropical dream home! A marvel in architecture, interior design, and environment sustainability — all in a package. Visit the page and check out more photos of the green roof, bendable photovoltaic panels, media room, and more.

24352346 The Fish House

and the awesome curvy swimming pool:

fishhouse The Fish House

Pictograms for headlines

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I found this work by an infographics designer Dave Bowker on his series of headlines with pictograms where he conceptualize iconic representation of words featured in news headline.

It isn’t a perfect example and not everyone can fully decipher the message but the genuine concept of having language-independent form of communication is certainly a unique one. Bowker even came up with a sample of how it would look like if it were on a train station.

Screen shot 2009 10 05 at AM 02.06.15 420x157 Pictograms for headlines

3D Projection on 3D Surface

This installation is so cool, I want to see it on my own!

Then there’s nice guitar play of Indonesian children folk song by Jubing Kristianto that made me smile:

Nerd Venn Diagram

Infographics is a short of information graphics, which are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. A great infographics summarizes a chunk of text in a simple elegant visual graphics which tells the story itself. Here’s an example of an alternative way to explain the terms Dweeb, Dork, Geek, and Nerd done by Matthew Mason.

nerd venn diagram 20090915 092804 Nerd Venn Diagram

Need I say more?

Smart ads

I saw this photo of smart advertisement which cleverly make use of its medium to communicate the message across. Notice there’s not even a single word necessary to communicate the designers’ idea to the ads viewer. This reminds me of some creative ads I posted last year where a tangled electrical wire is smartly used to illustrate messiness.

368g Smart ads

Electric cars and charge challenge

Japanese giant manufacturer Mitsubishi motor sell its first mass-market electric car in showrooms today. This electric-powered vehicle technology is one of the key answers to international calls for emission reduction in the automobile industry. And the great thing in 2010 is the affordability of this technology to reach the mass.

ec rnd 005 420x288 Electric cars and charge challenge

The electric car can travel 160 km in a single charge which takes about 14 hours using household electrical outlet or a quick 30 minutes charge using designated charging station at public places. Presently, there are about sixty public charging stations in Japan and the government is planning to increase the number in the coming years as more electrical cars hit the road and demand for such charging station increases.

Other car manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, and Ford are preparing their electric cars for sale in the next 1-2 years. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Ford are collaborating to develop smart technology to manage and tackle the charging challenge which is likely to happen when there’s a surge of electric car ownership in a neighborhood.

WindowsLiveWriter GoingGreenWithFord 6C36 clip image002 thumb.sflb  420x307 Electric cars and charge challenge

Certainly, the automobile industry, electrical and utilities board, information-technology player, and our society in general are progressing towards a cleaner transportation mode which put less strain on our planet.