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Google Wave

I’ve been busy crunching numbers and digesting journals in the recent weeks, so much that I didn’t have much time to open Google Wave invitation that has been sitting idle in my inbox for long. Well, today I did, after the majority of my loads are off of the list.

gwave Google Wave

Google Wave’s fun factor depends on the number of friends (or family and colleagues) you have in your contact list. Only those with Google Wave account can hop on your communication wagon.

The interface design is pretty good, but it is still not intuitive enough for beginners to discover what they can do with it and how to do it. Perhaps mimicking typical email interface to something that is revolved around the complexity of Google Wave isn’t a good idea afterall.

Judging by the performance, Google Wave isn’t that great when it’s running on my Safari; It ran slower as soon as I opened Google Wave. Aside from that, there’s really nothing much to comment at this moment…

Still, Google Wave is an interesting communication concept that works pretty decent at its preview stage; It worth trying and exploring. I feel excited imagining a streamlined communication and collaboration for work and leisure. Not to mention the amount of reducible paperwork if this streamlined communication works well.

Why don’t you take Google Wave a spin yourself and see how you like it? I do still have some Google Wave preview invitations left. Drop me a line if you wanna get one.

If you know fun ways to use Google Wave, drop me a line, leave a comment below, or wave me directly.

Chrome OS

I heard Chrome OS months ago and wasn’t really convinced that a web browser can replace the entire operating system. I couldn’t even imagine how to browse files and sync info from my gadget via USB to the OS, which is a web browser.

Chrome OS Preview 420x251 Chrome OS

Today Google had a small scale event to preview the Chrome OS. Check out these videos and decide yourself if such OS is a good replacement (or an alternative at least..) to your usual infested OS—no, not this OS.

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I switched my Gmail theme from Minimalist to Ninja since I discover Mini Ninja that I used for Infotech recruitment flyer. Just like Tea House, Ninja changes according to the time. It’s fun to see what the Ninja is up to while busy reading and writing emails.

ninja gTheme

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Chrome in 2.5D Clip

  • en Chrome in 2.5D Clip
  • id Chrome in 2.5D Clip

Klip pendek tentang Google Chrome berikut ini menarik perhatian saya. Gabungan konsep 2D dan 3D sekaligus campuran warna yang serasi menjadikannya unik dan menarik.

How It Works: Google Maps

My previous post about Google Map and its street view leads to a simple question: ‘How does GoogleMaps–and GoogleEarth too–take the entire earth and allow us to see big cities in street-view with such great details?’

I found this article, explaining how Google maps the world and let us fly around and see what people are doing on the street.

mappingtheworld How It Works: Google Maps

I’m wondering how big is their storage to keep those map pieces. It’s surely a humongous database with smart algorithm to retrieve the correct map pieces and combine them together at a blink of eye. Web applications are getting more powerful than ever, peeps!

Google Maps’ Street View

Take a look at GoogleMaps and visit big cities like New York or San Francisco. See the entire city and keep zooming in, ‘flying’ low in bird-view of skyscrapers, apartments, parks, traffic, cars, people, and more. Switch to street view and you can see all things around you, as if you’re there.

Does this sound scary? Take a look at how a man is captured in street view while picking his nose (poor him!) or see other fifteen famous street view showing headless man, sunbathing babes, burglar, ET, and more.

googlemapstreetview Google Maps’ Street View

It’s so controversial how those people have their online identities protected by privacy statements while on the other hand their actions are (unluckily) captured and seen by people on the other side of the world. I hope nobody recognizes the real peeps of strip club man, the adult bookstore guy, the picking-nose man, or the sunbathing babes.